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no manno man white is a small, independent publishing house, established in 2013. We put story first – this isn’t a place for big egos – just great stories told passionately. Our first novel, The Knife, is available now.

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107341-050-EFFEAE2DWhy ‘no man’?

A bunch of reasons, but here’s just one…

…Odysseus sought shelter in a cave, unaware that it was the home of the Cyclops Polyphemus. Polyphemus caught two of Odysseus’s men and ate them raw before going to sleep, and in the morning, ate two more for breakfast, before leaving with his sheep and rolling a boulder in front of the cave, trapping the men inside. But Odysseus had his men take a huge pole that was inside the cave, sharpen one end of it, and heat it in a fire until it was hard and dry. When Polyphemus came back to the cave, the men drove the pole into the Cyclops’s eye, blinding him.

Polyphemus sealed off the cave again, and spent the night trying to catch the men, but he could not. He roared out, “Who has done this to me?” and Odysseus replied, “I am No-man, and No-man has done this to you!”

In the morning, Polyphemus called to his brothers to come and help him, and when they asked who had harmed him, Polyphemus said:
No man! No man has done this to me!”

The others said, “If no man has done this to you, then it must be a god who has done it…
We will not interfere in the affairs of the gods!” 


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